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More Than Just Building Your Online Shop

First and foremost, Abhi Ecommerce website & App is one stop solution for your modern online store needs that is created by team who are obsessed with providing eCommerce related solution.

Our complete eCommerce Website, Android App, iOS App & web admin panel solution gives you everything that you need to run your own online store and sell products online instantly.

Why To Get Online Shop For Your Business?

Boost Your Sales

Starting over your business online publicizes it at a grand level and attracts more customers for their increased flexibility, improved client services, more offers and home delivery of the products. All of this, in turn, boosts your sales with maximizing profits.

Online Branding

Branding is business mixed with emotion and engagement and expectation. Branding is the powerful key - the greatest competitive advantage any company can have. An efficient branding urges people to purchase its product making them feel an emotional connect with the brand.

Online Marketing

The success of any business depends on its marketing techniques. It includes strategies like web designing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, Facebook promotions etc. which attracts a lot of customers nowadays.

Increase Your Business Reach

Having a Food Ordering App and website will help you get a higher reach. It give more preference to email and social media so that your customers click through your offer and make a purchase. Social media always generates more leads and engages the customers with its useful content. Offer free giveaways like coupons, discounts and promotional sales.

Go Viral online

You have to actively plan and create offers, coupon and refer and earn feature to go viral. Viral App features leads to hundreds of new customers, more exposure, and more sales. You can go for viral banner, visual marketing or giveaways including promotional sales, discounts, refer and earn strategies for viral marketing.

Track Your Customer

 It is a winning strategy to always go by the data to have a track on your customers. Go for conversion rates i.e the percentage of visitors on your website for purchase, conversion of new v/s returning visitors, conversion by traffic source and device.

Our Features That Will Help You Get More Sales For Your Online Store Instantly?

Coupon Code

Get more sales and increase your revenue by offering a Coupon code to your customer.

Discount Price

Now highlight the discount by calculating from the MRP and selling price instantly to boost orders.

Virtual Wallet/Credit

It is digital cash ready to be used by the customers. It can be in the form of some points/cash.

Offer Zone With Timer

Create a special Offer Zone on selected products for a limited time period to boost your sales. This is perfect when you want to give Diwali Sale, End Of Season sale etc.

Send Free Push Notification 

This feature allow you to send push notification to your users who have installed your App in their phone for free. Everyday send some updates to your users about your offer, products, categories etc.

Refer And Earn

The best marketing is to let your customer do the marketing. And the best way to drive them to refer is to give them something in return when they refer somebody to your App. In our case we give coins.

More Power Packed Features Of Our eCommerce Solution:

Wishlist Feature in Ecommerce
Ecommerce Website Wishlist Feature image


Wishlist allow the users to create personalized collections of products that they way buy or save them for future reference. It is the best way for customer to remind of the products that they want to buy.

Order Feature in Ecommerce
Ecommerce Website Order Section Feature

Advance Order Section

In order section we have added many advance important features like Cancel Order request(Customer can send order cancellation request), Order Status(the status for order packed, cancel, dispatched or complete) and Order Amount Summary(to view the amount details of the order).

Ecommerce Website User profile feature

User profile

In My Profile section the user can provide more details about himself like his name, email, and gender. Here he/she can also change the mobile number & password of his/her profile.

Multiple Delivery Address

This is another advance feature giving multiple address option to the user to save them for a Name like Home, Work or Other. Here the user can create and save unlimited number of delivery address in his/her profile.

Ecommerce Website Pincode Check Feature

Pin-code Checker

With our optional Pin-code checker feature you can limit orders to come from only those particular area where you can deliver.

Add Unlimited Products

With our Pagination feature you can add unlimited number of products in web admin panel for your Online Shopping website and App.

Ecommerce Website Zooming Images Features

Zooming Images Features

With Zooming feature the customer can enlarge an image of the product to get a better view in large size. This is one of the most requested feature in E-commerce website and App. 

Ecommerce Website Filters Feature

Ratings & Reviews

Only the purchased customer gets the permission to rate & review the product. Admin can manage the review and delete it too. This reviews helps other customer to purchase order and thus boost your sales.

Related Products

Related Products features works for E-commerce. In our E-commerce solution we have added related products by Category on product details page to show more options to buy.

Ecommerce Website Payment Gateway & COD Feature

Payment Gateway & COD Integrated

We have integrated Razorpay to get payment directly in your bank account. They are the India's most popular and secured payment gateway. We have also added COD(cash on delivery) feature too for accepting payment. 

Ecommerce Website Search With Auto-Suggestion Feature

Search With Auto-Suggestion

As soon as the user start searching on the website, we start suggesting related search query to him based on previous searches done by user. This feature help users to save time, get search results they want and iterate on their searches.

Attributes For Creating Variant

We have added advance attribute feature in our Ecommerce solution which gives a freedom to create different variant for the same product. For example, you can sell a T-shirt in different size like S, M, L or XL at different price.

Ecommerce Website Important Pages Feature

Many More Features

Our Ecommerce Store is filled with many more features like forcing app update, admin role management, multiple tax, drag & drop homepage layout and lots more. Click on the button below and book your demo today. We will show you each feature in action.


Get Our Android App & iOS App For Your Online Store

We can all agree that website is important to sell products for businesses these days but  having a great mobile App, will give an edge over your competitors and build more trust in your customer eyes and thus boosting sales of your business.

ecommerce Android App mobile

3 Big Reasons To Get Mobile App With Website:

In the E-commerce shopping, mobile app users spend an average 201.8 minutes per month shopping, compared to 10.9 minutes/month for website users. You can see the gap is huge.

You are likely to get more repeat sales from the customer who have your shopping App installed in their phone.

Ecommerce Mobile App gives the best user experience and engagement compared to website. Thus it results in highest conversion rate compared to website.


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