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STEP 2: OAuth consent screen
External,Authorized domains,Application Homepage link
STEP 3: Create OAuth client ID
Web application,Authorized redirect URIs(Add redirect admin link ex:

Step 4: Delete file: admin/public/gmail/clientsecret.json

Pusher Setup:

Step 1: Create Channel:

i) Enter name of the app : appname(Like Bharathgrocery)
ii) select cluster: ap2
iii) select front end tech : android
iv) back end technology-laravel

Step 2: In webhook section create webhook
i) webhook url:
ii) event type : presence

Step 3: From app keys section copy details
app_id :
key :
secret :

Google Captcha Setup:

Step 1; Enter label .Example : Grocery APP
Step 2: Select reCAPTCHA type:
i) select reCAPTCHA v2
ii) select “I’m not a robot” Checkbox
Step 3:Enter Domains .Example

Food Ordering:

header_icon in xxhdpi

recommended image size:

width 1080 and height 683 pixel(Maximum)
width 600 and height 379 pixel(recommended)

Splashscreen size:

xxxhdpi – 1280 width by 1920height pixel
xxhdpi – 960 by 1600 pixel
xxhdpi – 720 by 1280 pixel
hdpi – 480 by 800 pixel
mdpi – 320 by 480 pixel

recommended category image size:

358 width & 496 height

recommended sub category image size:


MSG91 Details:

Full Name, Twiiter/Linkedin url, About business


Admin email which gets order updates is same from admin login in admin panel

Abhi Credit Vs Abhi Coins:

Abhi Credit – It’s a virtual wallet in which customer can use the full credit amount in cart while making order.

Customer earns credit in the below cases:

-By referring another customer to App using his referral code

-Admin adding credit to customer account manually from admin panel. Admin can add in refund cases.


Abhi Coin – It’s a kind loyalty coin system where customer can earn coins back on every order based on percentage set by admin in admin panel. The admin can further restrict the amount of coin, customer can claim based on a percentage of order value.

It means admin can set a restriction on coin earn and claim based on a percentage of order value.

Customer Can Earn Coin In Following Case:

-Customer making complete order and earning coins value set by admin

-Admin manually adding coins to customer account from admin panel



Time format:

Start time – 11:00 am

End time – 11:30 am

Delivery Boy App Changes:

Make key changes in Strings.xml

shimmer error in Food App on Home – When no home layout is added:

at line number 417 and 418 remove below lines
and paste them at above( if (response.code() == mConstant.OK) ) this check
at line number 413 and 414